Monday, May 28, 2012

Indie Author Monday: Protected & Torn

Protected & Torn
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Age Group: Adult content

Synopsis:The genetically modified super humans, Herkulean, are only supposed to mate and breed with their own. So why did Erik Lee, a pure bred Herkulean and captain of the Arcana fall in love with the beautiful human, Jayda Rowan? Why are his people trying to kill her? Can he protect her or will his weakness cost him her life? Will he be able to hold on to her or will he lose her to the mysterious tall and handsome Mike Neal. Find out how Jayda brings out the human in Erik as she fights for her life.

What I thought: This book was inspired by Andromeda, and as I have never seen it, I was coming at the book oblivious to anything on the show. Even though that was the case, I never felt like I didn't know part of story, or that I was missing something. The Author's Bio says that she was inspired by V.C. Andrews, and there is a certain feeling in her writing that reminds me of V.C. Andrews books (which I love btw). The story revolves around an intense love that is sometimes incredibly sweet and other times brutal. I love the almost soap opera feel that it had throughout the book, as I sat on the edge of my seat wondering what would happen next in the dark twists. The story line was told from the point of view of all character's. Most of the books I read create tension and suspense by not knowing what the other characters are really feeling. This was the opposite and I loved knowing their innermost thoughts and feelings, making me feel as though I was watching the story unfold from all sides. I thoroughly enjoyed this book, and I am looking forward to the second!

One sentence description: A sensual story of love and betrayal.

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