Dreamer is the second book in the Alwahi Series. 
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She was nothing like her sister. Zanas had always been the courageous and dedicated one. Asenya was arrogant, selfish, and demanding. All of the qualities that Dreamers have…

Kidnapped and taken beneath, Asenya fights to find out who she really is, discovering that her potential is far greater than she ever could have imagined. But her destiny may finally be the end of her, and what she once was.  May she make the right choices.

Three clans, powerful and unique, this is the journey of the Dreamer...


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  1. After I get and finish reading the first one, I will read Dreamer. Two sisters, so different, on different paths in a strange environment.
    Love the premise! Wish there was a giveaway for both of the books(hint)!
    Bonnie Hilligoss/bonhill@speakeasy.net

  2. Loved Pursuer, looking forward to reading Dreamer, what day in February is it coming out? I see no sign of it on Amazon

  3. Dreamer will be releasing at the end of this month (January). Sorry about the long time in responding. Took a little break, but Dreamer is on the way!:)


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