Friday, August 17, 2012

Review of Wisteria by Bisi Leyton

Sixteen year old Wisteria Kuti has two options—track the infected around the Isle of Smythe or leave the only known safe haven and face a world infested with flesh eating biters. But even with well-armed trackers, things go wrong and Wisteria ends up alone facing certain death, until she is rescued by the mysterious Bach. Uninfected, Bach is able to survive among the hordes of living dead.

Eighteen year old Bach, from a race known as The Family, has no interest in human affairs. He was sent here to complete his Great Walk and return home as a man—as a Sen Son. The Family regard humans as Dirt People, but Bach is drawn to this Terran girl, whom he has never seen before, but somehow knows.

Hunted by flesh eaters, cannibals, and the mysterious blood thirsty group called Red Phoenix, Wisteria and Bach make their way back to the Isle of Smythe, a community built on secrets and lies.

What I Thought: First let me say that I read this book before publication and before final edit. When I was asked to read this I was really excited. The synopsis is very intriguing, and I know I have said this before but I have a "thing" for zombies:)

The first thing that struck me as I read this book was that the main character was unlike the majority of female characters, she was not the prettiest, the skinniest, the deadliest, etc. She is what I would like to call an average, all around girl. This was refreshing to read about a character like this.

I enjoyed the dystopian setting of the book, as well as the communities that Wisteria comes in contact with along the way. I wont go into too much details, as I hate spoilers, but the synopsis will give you somewhat of an idea of this. There was a twist to the normal zombie story, in that the love interest is not Terran... I mean human:) This was a nice sci-fi element to the story that I enjoyed.

The book was full of nonstop action from the beginning until the end, and I did not put it down until I had finished it. I loved the book and I love the cover!

One Sentence Description: An ordinary girl with an extraordinary destiny.

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