Thursday, September 13, 2012

Guest Post by Tiffany Carmouche'

First of all, I want to thank Monique for her hospitality and for being the first stop on my Blog Tour for The Impostor! When she found out I had lived in Alaska, she asked me to tell you a little bit about my experience there. So lets go back a couple years...

“Alaska? Who goes to Alaska?" Were my words when I heard I could make a lot more money as a waitress in a bar than being the Asssitant Manager of the local weight loss clinic I worked at. Assistant Manager. It was a wonderful title, but all it meant was I worked twice the amount of hours with not much more pay. “Alaska?” I let the question simmer in my mind until I found a friend crazy enough to make the journey with me (My best friend Julie Kelly). I really did think I was going to live in an igloo and have to be careful polar bears wouldn’t attack us, but when we landed we soon found we had arrived in paradise!

Just like Nicole in the Impostor, I traveled to Alaska trying to escape an unhealthy relationship, I arrived in a place where the ratio of men to women was in my favor. The men were like southern gentleman, but as far north as you could go! There was also so much to do! Snow machining, sky diving and learning to fly were a few of my adventures in this magical place.

In Anchorage, the bars, the city, the ____ kept night life fun and when you needed a break, the mountains were only a short drive away. I loved getting off work and hitting the ski slopes although I have to admit, I pretty much snow plowed most of the way! The cliffs were a little intimidating.

 I remember before I had learned to ski, I thought I would take the ski lift to the top so I could get an awesome picuture of the set setting over the mountain range from the top.
“What do you mean I can’t ride the thingie down?”
“You have to ski down ma’am?” The stupid man at the lift tried to explain.
“I don’t ski!” I looked down the huge slope of the black diamond trail and knew it was suicide in the making!

From out of the crowd, my hero appeared, with his cape flapping in the wind. Okay... so there was no cape but I swear I heard the heavens sing! “I’ll ski you down.”
“Yea, you can just get on my skis and I’ll ski you down the slope.” I am telling you, the men were amazing! So I stood in front of him on his skis and we flew down the mountain as the sunset.—true story!

The Trilogy has been fun to write because not only have I been able to relive some of my amazing experiences, my characters have come alive off the keyboard and it has been fun taking the voyage with them! The Impostor began as my experience with my best friend Julie, to find ourselves…as we disappeared.
I thought it would be fun to share with you a few photos of me when I lived in Alaska!I went for a few weeks to try it out and ended up staying close to three years!
This is the first time these photos have been released!
Thank you Monigue for being the first stop on this Tour! The Impostor will be released September 24th! And thank all of you for joining me! I must say that this is just as exciting as jumping out of a plane, from 10,000 feet off the ground!

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