Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Release Day! Rise of the Infected

Since my newest book, Rise of the Infected is coming out today, I would like to highlight it, as well as offer an awesome giveaway!:)

Release Date: October 31st 2012

Welcome to the world of River Black.
River lives in a world where only the strong survive. The earth has changed to a brutal climate and the survivors will do anything to live. The eastern continents unleash a weapon on their enemies, and directly onto River’s reality. She will have to leave her quiet existence in the forest and venture to the slaver fortress and further beyond, into the deepest part of the surviving cities. If she doesn’t die first, or rise infected…

I am very excited that Rise will be releasing today!  The obvious reason of releasing a zombie book on Halloween applies, but it also so happens to be my favorite holiday of the year! I have always loved the creepier side of things:)  So October 31 is a special day for me, just as Rise of the Infected is a special book!

Just for fun, I am going to share a fictional mock up of what I envision the three main characters to look like.

River Black- Her hair would have to be a little longer and darker, and River also is shorter, but this is the perfect look for her not to mention the actress who played the character who I named River after. :)

Dominic- Aka Dom. I saw this actor in a movie the other day and thought, OMG he is the perfect Dominic! Again his hair should be darker, but look at that scruff! Totally Dom:)

Devan: I have no idea who this is in this pic, but for goodness sakes, his name should be Devan and he should be a little deader:)

Hope you enjoyed my character candy, lol, now lets get to the giveaway!

Up for Grabs: Signed Copy of the Rise of the Infected

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  1. Happy Release Day, Monique! Thank you so much for being a part of Something Wicked! Best of luck for your new book! Happy Halloween! Oh and the guy for Dom is a total hottie!

  2. Thanks you Heidi!:) And I know huh,lol. He has that look that makes you want to blush. Happy Halloween to you too!


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