Sunday, October 28, 2012

Why Shelter Springs, Colorado by Rachael Anderson

I've always had a fixation with small towns. Maybe because my grandmother lived in a small Idaho town, and I used to love our summer visits to see her. Everything was slower, more laid back, and wide open. Everywhere we went, we'd  run into people who knew my grandmother. We rode horses, played games, watched movies on her tiny tiny TV set, ate lemon drops and popsicles, swung on her tire swing, and played in her tree house. Such fun memories.

So when it came to writing The Reluctant Bachelorette, I loved that it called for a small, farming community-type setting. And since I've always loved the beauty of Colorado, I chose that state. But I still needed a fictional town name, so I turned to the awesome followers of my blog and asked for suggestions. The result was A LOT of options to choose from. I chose my favorite 10 and put it to a vote.Shelter Springs won out, and I'm so glad because it's a name I've come to love. So thank you, Wall-to-Wall Books, of, for suggesting it. I originally planned to call the book Shelter's Bachelorette, but ended up changing it to The Reluctant Bachelorette.



  1. I love small towns too. My great grandmother lived in an apartment above an old store of a brick building. You could walk anywhere and be safe.

  2. That sounds really awesome, Kelly:) What a wonderful memory!


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