Friday, November 16, 2012

Secret Snippet of Dreamer... and a certain someone:)

I haven't done this in awhile, but I came across a part that I just had to share! A little secret snippet into Dreamer. I have to say that I find it just as exciting to read about a certain someone as it was in Pursuer and already he is pushing for more play time in Dreamer.

Here it is! It has not seen final edit.

Excerpt from Dreamer (Chapter 21 City of the Beneath)

They reached an alleyway that was crooked and dark. There were many figures that reminded Asenya of Zanas, sleek and dressed in black. They all had one thing in common, an imposing posture that expressed a warning.

One of the buildings had a crowd of young Pursuers gathered outside it, the repetitive beat of a drum audible as the door opened and closed. Asenya noticed a few city people talking outside, a larger group of Pursuers calling out taunts to the boys.

“Don’t mind them,” Kayla said , wrapping her arm in Asenya’s and steering her to the door.

They walked inside the dark building, the center fire blazing towards the ceiling. The smoke that swarmed the room seemed to dance around like a foggy snake, as if the beating of the drums propelled it. There were Pursuers everywhere, and Asenya could not help but feel slightly unnerved as their green glowing eyes turned towards her group.

Asenya could almost be mistaken for a Pursuer, if her stature were not so soft. But the rest of those in her group would not. They were colored in deep red, a fire in the swarm of black. Moving through the crowd they found an empty table, and Kayla sat, pulling Asenya down next to her.

The boys left, returning just moments later with glowing drinks. Darian placed a full glass before Asenya.

“You will enjoy this. It’s rather tasty,” he said.

Asenya took the glass and looked at the glowing mixture. It reminded her of that long ago day when the first Klah had been placed before her and Zanas. The drink seemed just as magical now as it had then. She lifted the cup and took a long drink.

“Woah, don’t drink it so fast. The Pursuers make it extremely strong,” Kayla interjected.

That familiar sense of annoyance spread through Asenya. She was getting very tired of everyone instructing her. But once again she bit her tongue, not wanting to cause a fight.

The dancers were captivating to watch. The Pursuers were wild and they move with abandonment. The soothing beating of the drums was eerie, each boom echoing through the room, vibrating and harmonizing.

Asenya had the feeling that someone was watching her and turned to look at the most exciting man she had ever seen. He was tall and broad shouldered, his green eyes piercing. She could tell from the way his clothes formed to his body that he was nothing but toned muscles underneath, something fierce and dangerous, a soft line of tattoos trailing down his face.

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