Monday, January 14, 2013

Guest Post by Bisi Leyton

I asked several characters from Bisi Leyton’s novel Wisteria to talk about what they were thankful for. Keep in mind, finding something to be happy about might be tricky now that the Nero virus has turned most humans into flesh eating biters. However both the humans and members of a supernatural race called The Family were all thankful for something.

Enric of the Third Pillar
Age: 18 (During book 1)
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: A member for a Race called the Family
Occupation: Taking the Great Walk (Character in the Wisteria Series)
Reason for Being on Earth / Terra: To watch the humans suffer and die out.
Enric’s Big Thank You
The main thing I am thankful for is that I was not born human. To be from race so petty and vial, would leave me no reason to live. Nothing has made me as happy as looking down on the humans as they struggle and fail to ward of the zombies they created. If their situation was not so pathetic, I would laugh. Still these people cannot be pitied; they killed my best friend’s mother, so they deserve to die. I find it fitting evolution has decided to remove them from this realm.
Enric’s Small Thank You
Well aside from having a front row ticket to seeing the end of the human world, I am thankful for all the lovely ladies of my home realm.

Garfield Simon
Age: 16 (Book 1)
Ethnicity: English, human
Occupation: Survivor and Rat Catcher (Character in Wisteria Series)       
Reason for being in on the Isle of Smythe: The food here is better than eating people
Garfield’s Big Thank You
Amanda Weiss! Have you seen that girl? Trust me when you do you will understand. I accept right now she’s kind of seeing David Kuti (Wisteria’s brother), but the way they’ve been arguing lately I know their relationships isn’t going to last long. He’s falling deeper and deeper in love with Poppy. Amanda’s finally realizing that David’s no good for her.
Garfield’s Small Thank You
That Bach no longer wants to kill me. Oh and Wisteria, it’s good to finally have a best friend.
Alba of the Fifth Pillar
Age: 16 (During book 2)
Ethnicity: A member for a Race called the Family
Occupation: An Empiric / Family investigator (Character in the Wisteria Series)
Reason for Being on Earth / Terra: Sent here by our Sen (chief) to find powerful crystal
Alba’s Big Thank You
It’s a massive relief to be able to turn humans into my mindless drones or Thayns. As that makes my time on earth a lot more bearable.
Alba’s Small Thank You
Being on Earth to help secure the Family from the human virus.

Lara Kuti
Age: 40-something (During book 1)
Occupation: Tracker / ex-Red Phoenix (Character in the Wisteria Series)
Reason for being on the Isle of Smythe: Hiding from the Family
Lara Big Thank You
To be on the island with enough guns to hold off a small army.
Lara’s Small Thank You
That I can snap a man’s neck in three seconds. It took me years to learn how, but a lifetime to master. I would make this my major thing to be thankful for expect, I can’t get my children to learn this. Don’t get me wrong Wisteria’s almost there, but David seems too caught up with girls.

Zola Bonnet
Age: 17
Ethnicity: France-American, human
Occupation: Survivor and leader of Z team, Main Character in Wisteria Short Story Paranoia     
Reason for being in on the Isle of Smythe: Trying to survive the infested in France
Zola’s Big Thank You
I’m thankful for finding an abandoned FRANCE2 helicopter and escaping from the American Embassy in France when it got infested. This was how my three and I friends escaped. I’m grateful, but also terrified as it was the closest we came do dying.
Zola’s Small Thank You
Toothpaste, you wouldn’t believe how hard that is to come by now.

Amanda Weiss
Age: 16
Ethnicity: American, human
Occupation: Survivor and Soap maker (Character in Wisteria Series)       
Reason for being in on the Isle of Smythe: Nowhere else to go
Amanda’s Big Thank You
Being able to take bath and on Sunday’s a hot bath.
Amanda’s  Small Thank You
Ending up on an island with someone as cute and amazing as David Kuti. I know it’s the end of the world and we’re supposed to be unhappy, but I’m glad I can see the end of the world with him.

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Author Bisi Leyton:
Bisi Leyton was born in East London in 1978. She grew up in London, Nigeria and the States, listening to the stories life and love from aunts, cousins and big sisters.
She lives in London, but has worked around Europe including France, Germany, Ireland, Belgium and the Czech Republic. She has a fondness for reading graphic novels.


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