Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Secrets and Updates

This past week has been great. I am so happy to be back to writing, and there really is something about Syreena (Alchemist) that is very reminiscent of Zanas, but in a far darker way. Unlike Zanas, Syreena didn't grow up in a happy cherished life, no, Syreena grew up in the darkened shadows of the underground. 

What do we have to look forward to from the Alchemist clan? Both Pursuer and Dreamer left them vague. Rightly so, they keep mainly to themselves, raised entirely from birth within an Alchemist sub-world.  

What kind of personalities do the Alchemists have? Duty first and foremost. Their entire existence is to become one with the greater hive mind, in a sense hiding their unique personalities, always beneath the Alchemist hood. But there are other reasons to don the cloak, mutations not always getting desirous results.

What part does the Alchemist play in the overall story line, series wise that is? We have something brewing, something from the very beginning. Each clan plays a part, some on the side of "good" some on the side of "bad", although the lines between the two are always blurred in the Alwahi universe. We will have to wait and see what role the Alchemist clan will play in the bigger picture.

Will we see any other clans in Alchemist? Each book in the series has given you a glimpse into the other clans. Dreamer had interactions between both the Pursuers, as well as between Syreena and Asenya. Alchemist is no different, the Pursuers always seem to play a big part in the overall story line of each book and that will continue. The Pursuers in fact, will have quite a large role in Alchemist, though we probably wont see very much, if at all of Zanas. Hmmmmmm.... then what am I saying?? Of course, I'm speaking of Dressdon of course:)

But maybe I have said too much already, lol;) I am currently 20,000 words into Alchemist, and I wish I had more time to devote to it and it would be even further along. But it can get hectic with my chickens (children), and sometimes mommy has to come before author:) But all in all, Alchemist is moving at a steady rate....oh and it's sooooo good:D

Oh hey and the first two books in the series are now available through Amazon in paperback! 

Smashwords is still processing, so no word as to when it will be moved onto other channels. (B&N, Kobo, Sony, Apple etc)

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