Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Fun Stuff

Pursuer was sent out to beta readers, and I am happy with the comments I am receiving from them.  I got some wonderful suggestions and the final chapter has been extended.  I’m very happy with the results. 

I have also sent out a some samples of my writing to editors, and one comment came back that rocked my world.  I thought I would share itJ

I love this story! That may not be a professional critique, but it's from the heart!

Moreover, the writing itself is pleasing, polished, accomplished and enjoyable. The characters are well-drawn, engaging and fascinating. The ambient World of the story seen through the special vision of the Clan is delightful, and the blossoming love between the Hero and Heroine was beautifully and sensually portrayed...

Thank you for the opportunity to read and sample edit this very compelling manuscript excerpt!

 Warm wishes, Roberta Tennant, Editor, Falcon Books

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