Thursday, March 1, 2012


I would like to finish this round of editing by the end of the week.  It really seems like the words are getting much tighter.  I'm hoping to update the changes on the computer, and then send it out to few more beta readers by the beginning of next week..  I also need to do a little tweaking to the covers... maybe a major change.  We will have to wait and see :) 

My favorite edit passage of the day.

The luminous landscape of the pangerra flowers filled her vision. Before, she had been able to see the flowers as they glowed, blinking slightly. But now, she could follow the beginning of the glow from deep inside the plant and watch as it spread through the flower, a flame igniting. She found herself staring at the flowers with her mouth agape, like some bug mystified by the beauty of their radiance. One of the brothers stepped too close to a blossom, and it ejected pollen into the air like fireworks, a flash of brilliance in the night sky.

Chapter 10: Night Run


  1. So do you plan to also have it professionally edited?

  2. Gosh sorry it took so long to reply to this, it got lost in all the blog hop comments!:) Although I do not plan to send it to a professional, it has been through many rounds of editing, as well has gone to some pretty awesome beta readers.


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