Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Paper Edit is Finished!

I just finished the paper edit, and I am super happy!:)  As I am sure you can tell.  Now I just need to get it on the computer, and then its off to beta readers: round two. 

Here's a favorite snippet:

Her breath came out in small, excited gasps, her teeth bared, blood dripping down her chin.  She could hear the sound of her own growling, as her heart pounded in her chest.  Her vision began to clear slightly and her team came into view, reminding her of another hunting party she had hunted with.  Just like that party, she found all eyes staring at her, and recognized the familiar emotion…respect.
Zanas found herself face to face with him. She looked into his eyes searching for the other emotion she always saw in people once they had truly seen her for what she was, a predator.  But she saw nothing but wild excitement reflected in his eyes.

There was no fear.
~Chapter 8: First Blood


  1. Congrats! So which is scarier? Electronic edits or paper edits?

  2. I think I got the best edit from the paper edit. What I didn't realize was how LONG it would take to enter all my changes into the comp. So I would def say the paper edit was scantier:) Just because of the time required. Thanks for the awesome question!


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