Saturday, March 31, 2012

Pursuer is up on Amazon

As of yesterday Pursuer is now available for purchase on Amazon! Here is a direct link


  1. Great cover!
    I was reading your info- I am curious- this isn't just about Pursuer, but in general.
    Do you prefer print books, or e-books/ereaders? I know it's the future, but I can't seem to break away from e-books,e-readers, etc. I just wondered your thoughts.

  2. Awesome question! This is something I have thought a lot about. When e-readers first came out I swore up and down that I wouldn't like them, that they soul never live up to real books...etc. And then I got a smart phone and DL the nook and kindle app. This was cool I found out it wasn't bad,but still phones have small screens. And then for Xmas I got a kindle fire, and heavens opened up, the angels started to sing:) How else could I carry around 20 books at the same time? How else could I DL books instantly, and in many cases for free (I cant tell you how many times I picked up a book from an author when they had their free day, loved it, and now I'm buying all their books! Lol.) I have been reading like there is no tomorrow, and honestly I have digital print to thank for that! Thanks for the question, sorry the answer is so long...

  3. And that should say "would" not "soul":)


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