Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Its been a busy past couple of days. I am almost done entering the paper edit into the computer, I only have about fifteen pages left, and I should be able to complete that tomorrow.  Yah! It seems like this round of editing took the longest, but I was able to get more out of it, than I would have if it were on the computer.

I'm excited about the Lucky Leprechaun Giveaway Hop that starts this Saturday 17th to 22nd. This will be a fun experience, I will be giving away a couple of prizes... I'll give more details in my "official" post about the hop on Friday.

Ideas are underway for a book trailer for Pursuer. I have a few shots that I want already in mind, hopefully the weather stays nice and I can make them happen:) But it will definitely be more of something like this...

My favorite snippet from this edit:

The noise of the crowd changed with the scent of blood in the air. Zanas was surrounded by glowing green eyes, the eyes of predators in frenzy. Desstina was coming at her again. This time her flying hand found only air. Zanas grabbed the girl by her neck, slamming Desstina’s head into her knee. Desstina dropped to the floor, cradling her nose. She seemed finished. Then the words of Dressdon echoed in her mind, just as Desstina catapulted herself upward, her fist outstretched. She made contact with the center of Zanas’s face. The force of the blow knocked Zanas on her back, and Desstina leaped atop her.

The crowd was screaming now. They seemed to be like exotic dancers, as they moved their bodies in a swell, like waves smashing on the beach. Desstina wrapped her hands tightly around Zanas’s neck digging her sharp claws into the flesh. Time stopped for Zanas, only the taste of her blood in her mouth and the sound of her beating heart.
Chapter 16 ~ Revenge


  1. Ooohhh! What an excerpt- it gave me chills! I am even more curious to read this book now. Good luck with the book trailer and I am happy the edits went so well!


  2. Thanks Jess! You brought a big happy smile to me face:)

  3. Pretty intense scene! Now I want to know what happens next.



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