Thursday, January 16, 2014


I am just over 8,000 words into Alchemist, and really loving it. It is totally different than the other clans, so dark and mysterious. 

The cover is up, as you may have noticed, but its not quite finished yet. I need to change something, put for now it is a teaser of what is to come. 

Do you remember when I mentioned I might be creating a continuation to Pursuer? (Read Here) Well that idea is now officially set in stone. I have also spent the last few days mapping out the entire story arch of all the books and what part each one will play. Zanas will continue in the fourth book of the Alwahi Series (Unnamed), with Asenya returning for the grand finale (Dark Queen), the fifth and final book.

Oh and smashwords is "grinding" right now. Oh the horrors of formatting to smashwords, but that is another blog all together... lol. But I am working diligently towards getting Dreamer available in all formats. I will update when it is.

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