Friday, January 3, 2014

Maybe, Just Maybe

So, I'm gearing up towards reading Pursuer sometime this weekend. And I started to dwell in the world of the Pursuer in my mind, thoughts melding themselves together. I have read more than one review stating that they wished Dreamer was about the Pursuers and Zanas, did I mention Dressdon? 

Although the Pursuers do have a part in Dreamer, a major part to be frank, the story was always meant to be Asenya's, just as Pursuer was always meant to be Zanas's story. I have also seen reviews wondering why there was little interaction between the two sisters in Pursuer. That is because they each have their OWN story to tell. Just as Alchemist will be from a third point of view, and where finally we will find out why the girl's were brought to the world of Alwahi. And where we discover the Alchemist's were the only clan that truly had the answers to begin with.

But this method of the larger story has given me a unique opportunity. Until the fourth book, when all three main characters will share the story (I anticipate this book to be quite large, lol), the characters only have their stories told during their book. Each book in the series will bring us forward in time, until we are back with all three in the fourth book.

My point, that I seem to be taking a long time to get to, is that we will not "really" see Zanas again until the fourth book, when once again the story will be told from her point of view. So there will be a time gap...mmmmhmmm... and I could certainly fill that gap with a second Pursuer book.

This would be a spin off, so to speak, and would not need to be read in the main story arc (Pursuer, Dreamer, Alchemist, Unamed 4). It would be for the lovers of the Pursuer clan that just want to know what happened from Zanas's point of view, from the end of the first book until the beginning of the fourth book.

If this book was to become reality, it would be released the same time as Alchemist or soon after.

Just a tantalizing thought I have been having over and over that I thought I would share...

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