Monday, December 30, 2013

Back in the Grind!

The last few days have been filled with Dreamer. Reading, editing, writing and most of all DREAMING. It is exciting to be so close to finally putting the next part of the Alwahi series forward, and most of all tell Asenya's side. I think I love her more every time I read her story, she evolves in some way, one chapter tweaked, one deleted all together and more still added...

I'm am also excited to start on Alchemist, because honestly that is the best part, writing. I have the skeleton of Alchemist sitting in my filing cabinet just waiting to become whole. The entire first chapter has been written in my head since the beginning of Dreamer. A whole new chapter awaits...

But back to Dreamer... I want to do a read-through of Pursuer to check for inconsistencies, and then one final run through of Dreamer. My goal is the end of January, and honestly with the new fire that has been driving me day and night, I see no reason that it wont happen.

Happy for the New Year!

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