Friday, January 31, 2014


Have you ever become so consumed by something that it haunted you every moment of the day? Alchemist has been that current obsession. So much so, that I have been waking up around 4am every morning so I can write before everyone else wakes up. And three weeks since I began to write it, it is finished.

Yes you read that right. FINISHED. My estimate for the release is summer of this year, but it is looking more like spring...shhhh. That's a secret for now. The release date will remain for summer officially.

But the obsession will not stop there, I can already tell. Zanas is demanding that now her side be told, cutting into my thoughts with her story while I was trying to wrap up Alchemist.

Oh and I can tell you, she is going to come back in with a bang. 

One more thing to leave you with, curious as to the tone of Alchemist? This song has heavily influenced it, and there is even a part on the book that pays homage:

"...just her and the stars on her skin, the kiss so bright and everlasting.".  

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