Sunday, February 2, 2014

Plans and Updates

This weekend was very eventful and I am sad to see it go. I decided that I would take a break from Alchemist, and start editing on Monday. From there, I'm looking at a 10 week schedule, give or take a few weeks, depending on how dedicated/lazy I get once the editing begins.

I may have taken a break from Alchemist, but I used the last two days to write, some pretty awesome stuff, on book 4 in the series (still not officially named) which returns the main character of Zanas. It has been so much fun writing from the Pursuer perspective again, such a comfortable homey feeling reminding me of the love that I have for the individual characters.

The bold, brave Zanas.
The ever tempting Dressdon
The full of life Ressna
The devil in blonde Desstina
The always fun twins Tress & Fless

And some new characters... probably my favorite part of this book so far.

I had a character, but I didn't have a name for him, I planned out the entire story arc  in detail on Friday, (6 pages of notes that promise for the longest book so far in the series), and "he" appeared in so many parts as just a ________. I thought about it for days, thinking of names and discarding them. And then I started talking about it to my husband and I realized I could not figure it out because he was not supposed to have the double ss of the Pursuers of the beneath, but a double rr of the Pursuers of the above. Ahhh and this added a whole new lovely piece.

But that's enough secrets for the day, ending with a 13,500 word count for "the unnamed".

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